Brands » 3D Light FX

3D Light FX

The 3D Deco Lights are comforting, cordless, decorative night light that are loved by tiny customers and big ones alike.

Brands » Allwin Kite

Allwin Kite

Allwin kite have been developing imaginative and colorful kites since 1995. Their range of quality and affordable kites include single line, stunt, parachute and power kites offering the opportunity for children and adults of all ages to enjoy the fun of kite flying.

Brands » Artesania Latina

Artesania Latina

Artesania Latina a Spanish company is one the world’s finest producers of wooden ship kits. With more than 35 years of experience they are renowned for their quality and exemplary attention to detail. Artesania Latina wooden ship kits include some of the most magnificent ships of yesteryear enabling model ship builders to bring the past to the present. Artesania Latina produce a wide range of kits which cater for both novice and experienced model ship builders alike. The kits are supplied complete with all necessary components to finish the model. Artesania Latina also offers a wide range of accessories and tools, specifically designed for model ship building.

Brands » Badger


Badger airbrushes and airbrush accessories are manufactured to the highest standards in the USA. With 45 years of manufacturing experience the diverse Badger range ensures that there is an airbrush for almost any application, from modeling to automotive use.

Brands » Bayer


Bayer Design is based in Germany and is a manufacturer of top quality toy doll prams for girls. Pram designs include all the latest styles and types as found in baby outlets so little girls can feel like a real mother. Bayer prams are designed in Germany and manufactured in China to German standards.

Brands » Bb Junior

Bb Junior

A fantastic new line of preschool vehicles from Bburago. The initial range will consist of Ferrari and Jeep radio control / infrared, free-rolling cars, motorised cars and three playsets. The items in this range are aimed primarily at toddlers and most of them feature lights and / or engine sounds.

Brands » Bburago


Bburago is a specialist manufacturer of die-cast cars in various scales with more than 30 years experience. Now part of the May Cheong Group it maintains its special Italian flavour with distinctive classic and modern models. All models have a quality finish with great attention to detail which continue to enthuse collectors.

Brands » Bruder Toys

Bruder Toys

Bruder are German manufacturers of high quality multi-functional toy earthmoving and agricultural machines that are made from durable plastic. Their large range of vehicles include famous brands such as John Deere and Catapillar and offer more than just your average plastic toy, with lights, sound and large number of moving parts they offer children realistic, active playing fun.

Brands » Bullyland


Based in Germany Bullyland has long history of manufacturing beautifully detailed Disney figurines. Bullyland Disney figurines are perfect for stimulating children’s imagination where they can re-enact favourite scenes from Disney films or create their own wonderful world. Bullyland is the only manufacturer worldwide that has managed to develop PVC-free base material that is both recyclable and non-toxic making it perfectly safe for children and the environment.

Brands » Carrera


Carrera is based in Austria is the world’s biggest slot car manufacturer. For more than 50 years Carrera has been bringing together long-time slot car enthusiasts and complete newcomers around its circuits to set up thrilling racetrack battles for gamers of every age. Their exceptional quality slot cars are highly detailed giving enthusiasts a real racing feel.

Brands » CAT/Diecast Masters

CAT/Diecast Masters

Diecast Masters manufactures the world’s widest range of Cat® scale model replicas, covering most of the machine groups made by Caterpillar®

Brands » CAT/Norscot


Caterpillar® die-cast models are manufactured under licence by Norscot Scale Models. Their detailed and accurate replicas of earthmoving equipment, forklifts, trucks and trailers are prized by collectors and have won numerous awards from leading toy and hobby publications for their detail, authenticity and value.

Brands » LEGO ClicTime

LEGO ClicTime

ClicTime are the exclusive global licensee for LEGO® watches and clocks. Their LEGO® watches and clocks are manufactured to world class standards. LEGO® watches include a scratch resistant mineral crystal lens and Japanese Quartz movement as standard making them both durable and reliable. LEGO® watches are water resistant to 50 meters and are therefore perfect for active kids!

Brands » Comansi


Brands » CubicFun


CubicFun manufacture a wide range of 3D Puzzles whose subject matter features some of the world’s greatest architecture. The puzzles are made out of an eco-friendly paper/EPS foam board and require no special tools or glue for assembly.

Brands » Disney Wooden Toys Collection by Be-iMex

Disney Wooden Toys Collection by Be-iMex

Brands » Double Eagle

Double Eagle

Double Eagle brings a whole new dimension to radio control toys. Their range of licensed MAN & Merceds-Benz construction trucks come alive with lights, realistic sounds and multiple functions providing children with hours of fun.

Brands » Educa


Educa offer an extensive and affordable range of high quality Disney character puzzles such as Toy Story, Cars and Winnie the Pooh in both wood and regular cardboard. With fantastic designs and sizes there is a puzzle to suit children of all ages.

Brands » The Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf

This simple family tradition of a Scout Elf who visits your home each holiday season in order to report back to Santa has captured the hearts of families everywhere!

Brands » Exhobby


Exhobby is an international developer and producer of radio control hobby products.

Brands » Flysky


FLYSKY RC Model Technology Ltd. produce and develop digital radio control systems to fulfill the needs of all radio control enthusiasts. FLYSKY radios, receivers and servos offer exceptional quality and performance at an affordable price.

Brands » FODA


Foda manufacture high quality toy helicopters and quadcopters. They are inexpensive, reliable and come neatly presented in attractive packaging. Stable, precise and easy to control they offer a great opportunity for novice flyers as well as children to develop their reflexes while enjoying the experience of flying.

Brands » Funny Box

Funny Box

Funny Box manufacture a wide variety of radio control toys with clever and initiative designs. Anything from Stunt cars to Robots. They have them all.

Brands » Golden Bright

Golden Bright

Golden Bright is an established quality toy train manufacturer of more than 20 years. Golden Bright’s train sets offer exceptional value and really capture your imagination. Using the infared remote you can control the train speed, direction and sounds. All trains have working lights, smoke and the ability to auto-hitch. Each set includes various accessories such as trees, rocks, railway crossings and railway stations.

Brands » Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky has been making magic for children for more than fifty years. Some of the world's foremost magicians have helped develop their magic products to make sure that they are of the highest quality. Magic is the perfect gift for any child, it aides the development of hand to eye coordination, improves presentational skills and helps build a child's confidence. All Hanky Panky magic sets also come with a website link where one can go to watch instructional videos.

Brands » LEGO IQHK


IQ Hong Kong (IQHK) is the proud manufacturer of LEGO® LED lights. These go anywhere lights are nice and bright and a unique addition to any child’s LEGO® collection. IQHK has been in the business of designing, manufacturing of quality LED lights since 1996.

Brands » Italeri


Italeri are Italian manufacturers of high quality, affordable plastic kits, accessories and modelling sets. With more than 50 years of experience Italeri pride themselves on their historical research and accuracy ensuring that their models provide the realism and detailing required by modelers around the world.

Brands » Klein Toys

Klein Toys

Klein Toys based in Germany has been manufacturing quality toys since 1959. Klein’s role play toys spark imagination and put the ‘believe’ into ‘make believe’! Their miniature tools and appliances (most with working parts) bring real life activities down to kid-size. Klein toys are built to last, just like the adult versions they emulate, which means the pretending will go on for years.

Brands » Maisto


Maisto is one of the biggest manufacturers of die-cast and radio control products providing both quality and fantastic fine detailing. Maisto’s die-cast range is extensive with dedicated product development teams ensuring that loyal collectors are constantly supplied with the latest and most exciting die-cast models. Maisto’s radio control range has ICASA & SABS approval and is constantly growing with innovative eye catching multi function radio control products.

Brands » Nanostad


Nanostad’s 3D Stadium puzzles bring you closer to your team than ever before! You can construct a detailed model of your favourite teams’ stadium. The puzzles are made out of an eco-friendly paper/EPS foam board and require no special tools or glue for assembly making it ideal for family enjoyment.

Brands » New-Ray


New-Ray Toys Company established in 1987 specializes in the design and manufacturing of highly detailed large scale die-cast trucks and motorcycles.

Brands » Nikko


Nikko has been for more than 50 years a manufacturer of radio control boats and cars. Renowned for quality, reliability and affordability Nikko’s Ready-to-Run radio control cars and boats are ICASA and SABS approved and offer every child the opportunity to enjoy a healthy pastime as well as develop their reflexes and motor skills.

Brands » Ninco


Ninco is the world market leader and manufacturer of 1/32 and 1/28 slot cars, race sets and accessories. Having entered the market in 1997 Ninco set the new standard in slot car racing and is the preferred brand for both professional and amateur racing enthusiasts. Designed and manufactured in Spain Ninco’s quality, detail and durability is valued by slot racers everywhere.

Brands » Nine Eagles

Nine Eagles

Nine Eagles are leading manufacturers in the ready-to-fly radio control arena. From their micro co-axial and single rotor helicopters right up to their larger scale helicopters and aeroplanes you can be assured of unparalleled stability and responsiveness. Nine Eagles only use 2.4Ghz radio technology which is ICASA and SABS approved and continually push the limits of design with innovative and unique ideas which can only be found in their products.

Brands » Polistil


Polistil is owned by the reknown manufacturers of Maisto and Bburago the May Cheong Group. Polistil offer a quality and affordable slot car set giving children an enjoyable to first time slot car expereince.

Brands » RC Leading

RC Leading

Brands » River Hobby

River Hobby

Riverhobby are manufacturers of quality Ready-To-Run hobby grade radio control cars. Offering exceptional value their innovative and robust designs of brushed, brushless and gas cars are well respected in the international RC community. All of their electric cars come with a 2.4GHz radio and as well as battery and charger for the electric cars.

Brands » Robotime


Robotime is a high-tech robot toys company providing affordable, innovative, imaginative, intelligent and interactive toy products which provide exceptional play value. With their revolutionary build-it-yourself robotic dinosaurs and solar kits Robotime’s products offer children an educational experience with a fantastic play aspect.

Brands » RoomMates


Transform your home in minutes with RoomMates. The fast, fun and most affordable way to decorate any space with wall decals

Brands » RW Toys

RW Toys

Brands » LEGO Room


Room Copenhagen’s lifestyle products allow consumers all over the world to engage with their favourite brands on more levels of daily life.

Brands » Siku


Siku are established German manufacturers of die cast models. With their first model produced in 1950 Siku are well known for their quality and extensive range of more than 300 models today. Siku’s specialty however is their range of farming models not found in other manufacturers die-cast ranges. These include well known brands of farming equipment such as John Deere and Massey Ferguson.

Brands » Tamiya


The iconic Japanese hobby company Tamiya has been at the forefront of the modeling industry and is synonymous with innovation, quality and detail, since1948 when the company started with its first wooden model kits. Tamiya’s range has grown to include plastic kits, radio control, educational kits, modeling accessories, paints and tools all of which are revered for their quality, level of detail and design by modeling enthusiasts around the world.

Brands » Toshiba Batteries

Toshiba Batteries

Toshiba is a diversified electronics manufacturer that provides a wide range of products and services globally. The Toshiba Group – based on our total commitment to people and to the future – are determined to help create a higher quality of life for everyone, and to do our part to ensure that progress continues within the world community.

Brands » Uni-Fun


Uni-Fun is a China based company that manufacture a range of ready-to-run radio control glider planes. They are made from durable EPO foam and come with 2.4GHz transmitters. Spare parts are also available.

Brands » USLC


USLC are manufacturers of both toy and hobby grade radio control items. They are made of exceptional quality and we stock a wide variety of spares.

Brands » Wilesco


Wilesco are internationally renowned for their miniature steam driven engine models. Made in Germany to a perfect likeness of steam driven engines designed by James Watt in the second half of the 18th century, these engines are available as kits or ready built and provide a fun and educational way in which to learn about steam engines.

Brands » Yungtong


Yungtong are manufacturers of an extensive range of batteries across various industries. Yungtong batteries have UL, CE and RoHS certificates and are manufactured to rigorous quality and testing standards of ISO9001.

Brands » Zapiro Collectibles

Zapiro Collectibles

A series of collectible figurines handcrafted and hand-painted to closely resemble Zapiro's well-known cartoon caricatures. The figurines are made of a dense polyresin - a sturdy stone-base material, that can be intricately moulded allowing a great level of detail, and have a similar appearance to porcelain and pottery.